Overwolf helps players stay in the game and connect while playing. With Paykido we can enable players to stay in the game and buy what they need when they need it.

Uri Marchand, CEO, Overwolf

Reach out to a huge new market

Enable kids to buy in-app features & products.

Become a recognized kids-safe merchant.

Boost sales and minimize chargebacks.


Kids' safety and parental peace of mind are of the utmost importance to us as a company that targets kids. Paykido manages to address very well the needs of kids and parents alike.

Yuval Kaminka, CEO, Joytunes

Peace of mind

No risky offers, improper products, bill shocks.

Paykido watches what your kids buy 24 by 7.

You decide when and how to pay.


My prepaid card used to expire all too often when I needed that extra help in the game. Now with Paykido I just buy what I want with a click. Cool!

Some kid

Fun and games

Get what you want - when you want it.

No cards to buy, surveys to do, offers to take.

Buy with a click, no parents around.